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Bill Harper

Bill was born and spent the majority of his childhood in the hardworking and close-knit community of Woodward, Oklahoma. For a few years while his father worked for Halliburton, an oil and gas well servicing company, the family lived in several small communities in South Central Kansas. In 1958 his father landed a job with Razein Metal, which sent the family back to Woodward, OK for Bill’s last two years of high school.

The return to Oklahoma turned out to be a fortunate move for Bill.  After a successful High School football career, he was granted a scholarship to the University of Oklahoma to play football under the direction of Bud Wilkinson, the coach credited with founding the OU football dynasty. Coach Wilkinson inspired Bill in many ways, but he specifically remembers one piece of sound advice: “Bill, if you will take each new day in your life and give 110%, the future will take care of itself for you.”

While at OU, Bill did more than just play outstanding football, but he also graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. He went to work for Carnation Company of Tulsa, OK in 1965 where he excelled. By 1973, his thoughts were calling him back to Woodward, OK and he decided it was time to go back home. That same year, Bill and his father went into business together and started “Harper Sanitation, Inc.,” a refuse collection service company that is still in business today. Bill’s entrepreneurial spirit led him into several other successful ventures as well, having owned and operated several Sonic Drive-in Restaurants as well as a large steak house in Oklahoma City, OK.  But in 1988, he decided that he wanted to start another type of business - a business with a solid residual income attached to it -  something built on service and support from people you’ve known all your life. Bill was attracted to the service aspect of the Insurance Industry, and feels that God blessed him as he and his wife Nita worked diligently to establish Harper Insurance Agency there in Woodward. For nearly 20 years, the business flourished as they gave that “110%” to service the clients in their community.

By 2009, his successful agency had caught the eye of Dwight Pierce, CEO of Benefits Technologies, and on January 1st, 2010, his agency became a part of our organization. Bill leads and mentors the organization with his entrepreneurial spirit, his “110%” work ethic and his love for community, helping build a solid foundation of excellent service to our clients.

Bill Harper
Division 14 President
Benefits Technologies Division 14, LLC
1428 Oklahoma Avenue
P. O. Box 874
Woodward, OK  73802
Office: (580) 256-9918 
Cell:  (580) 571-1887